If you have an urgent need that must be handled quickly (e.g. handheld or computer not working, unable to connect remotely), please note this in your ticket!

There are three ways to open a ticket:

1. Email
Simply email your request to helpdesk@kpaonline.com from your work or personal email account. You will receive an automatic response to let you know your ticket has been received.

2. Portal
And voila, your issue is submitted - and you never even had to pick up the phone or leave your desk!
You can even check the status of your previous requests.

3. Call
Call us at (303) 219-7830 and you will be connected an IT team member or please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Voicemails are sent to helpdesk@kpaonline.com automagically!

What if I have further questions or need to escalate an issue?
Contact nconnor@kpaonline.com directly if you have any questions or comments.