To add the KPA Holiday calendar (published by HR) directly to your work email calendar, follow these instructions:

1. Download the "KPA Holidays 2020" calendar file attached to this article, to your desktop by clicking the attached file "KPA_Holidays_2020":

2. Single click on the file via chrome downloads, or via your local "Downloads" folder and double click to Open/Run the file from your desktop:

or double click via file explorer:

3. Click the checkbox for "KPA Holidays 2020" via the Outlook popup and click "OK"  twice (note - Outlook does not need to be open for this to be added, but will apply the calendar once Outlook is opened)

4. Open Outlook and click on the Calendars button in the bottom left corner and this calendar (based on the specified dates from the HR "KPA Holiday Schedule 2020" PDF file attached) will populate onto your Calendar